We have gathered many beautiful moments during our journey.

Upcoming Events

Sarcoma in Focus: Prevention, Detection, and Early Diagnosis, Kakaaki Cancer Awareness - 10th July 2024

NPHCDA on Lessons Learnt from the Roll-Out of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vacine , Kakaaki Cancer Awareness- 24th January 2024

Cervical Cancer: The Role of Clinical Research In Cancer Care, Kakaaki Cancer Awareness- 11th January 2024

Previous Events

One-on-One with Dr. Denise Ejoh, Kakaaki Cancer Awareness -27th December 2023

The Lived Experience of Bladder Cancer Survivor with Dr. Denise - 13th December 2023

Bi-monthly discussion on Cancer – Kakaaki Cancer Awareness with Dr. Denise Ejoh, -15th November 2023

2023 AORTIC OAREC Conference, Africa. Dakar, Senegal. 5th November 2023.

DoctorsOnAir – Breast Cancer Month 2021

Building a Thriving Cancer Community, Article with THISDAY 2022

Television interviews with Arise TV and other International Publishers i.e., Taekeda.

World Cancer Congress, Geneva, Switzerland, October 2022

Speaker at a global range of events on the lived experience of a cancer patient.

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