Our story started in 2019 and we are a leading Cancer Support Non-Profit Organisation

My Journey

Denise Ejoh (PhD) Founder, Cormode Cancer Foundation

As a result of a diagnosis of Metastatic Breast Cancer to the brain, the challenges, lack of honest discussions and literature, I founded the Cormode Cancer Foundation (CCF), named after my mother’s initials. My mother and grandmother both died of cancer, and I have undergone three brain surgeries and had gamma knife surgery (using radiology) to remove seven additional tumors and different treatment regimens to shrink four to five tumors using chemotherapy over the last five years.

Using my experience and interactions with other advocates globally, with a focus on Nigeria, my cancer journey is the lived experience we all go through without any warning, with a lack of understanding or knowledge of what to expect. precise. Our first reactions are that we become numb, blank out, we no longer listen or hear the people around us, we hear voices in our heads, there’s confusion, our minds start racing at 200mph…

Our Vision:

To educate and support people suffering from all types of cancer.

Our Mission:

  1. Promote and educate on the experiences of cancer survivors.
  2. Navigating cancer patients through assistance and support of in Nigeria as a result of the increase in cancer globally.
  3. Provide support services.
  4. Promote advocacy through prevention campaigns needed to increase survival rates.

Our Goal: 

Is to provide information and support to cancer patients and their families whilst also raising funds to provide resources that can ease and compliment patients’ needs.


Denise Ejoh: Building a Thriving Cancer Awareness Community – Dr. Denise Ejoh is the CEO of Cormode Cancer Foundation, an NGO championing awareness on cancer. Having lost her mother to the same disease and as a cancer survivor who…….

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