Grand Patron

Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (KGCB/GCFR) is the Grand Patron of Cormode Cancer Foundation. He provides guidance from his wealth of knowledge and experience when promoting change. His ability to stimulate the drive and initiate thought- provoking ideas places him in a position to support the leadership of this noble cause.

He has been a source of support to those with the disease and understands the effects, pains and challenges of cancer sufferers and survivors.

Chief Executive Office (CEO)

Dr Denise Ejoh (PHD) is the founder and CEO of Cormode Cancer Foundation (CCF). As a survivor of the disease with long term treatment plans, Denise works with a Directorate team to create and champion Cancer Awareness in Nigeria.

CCF aims to reach out across Nigeria and bring together experienced medical professionals in different facets whilst ensuring the key change drivers are cancer survivors, with the need to build a thriving cancer awareness community,

CCF depends on volunteers to support our initiative.


A legal practitioner with over 30 years’ experience in the practice of law, exhibiting expertise in various aspects of law including: Corporate Merger and acquisition, commercial, Property and Real estate practice, maritime and shipping law. With an interest in Cancer Awareness from a personal support role,

Barrister Sheidu is passionate about creating an organization that stands on fairness and equity in cancer care across Nigeria and developing countries.

Director (Finance)

Joke Chukwumah is the Founder of the renowned Children’s International School, Lekki Lagos. She has had close encounters with the scourge of cancer with the loss of her brother to colon cancer and her paternal aunt to lung cancer. Her mother was lucky and is a breast cancer survivor.

She strongly believes strong advocacy is to minimize cancer deaths through information dissemination, early diagnoses and treatment..


Dr Muhammad Babangida is the Executive Director of El-Amin Group of Schools and the CEO of Profile Groups Limited. He sits on the board of other organization.

His interest in cancer care stems from his experiences as a carer to a cancer patient. His passion is to support and drive cancer care to the forefront of national advocacy and encourage philanthropic engagements with wide national and international audiences.

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